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You don’t need another self-help book to read. You don’t need a meal plan to blindly follow. You don’t need one more workout plan that promises you your perfect body in 30 days for just three minutes a day.

If I had to guess, you’ve already been there, done that…and yet you’re still searching for something more.

Don’t you find it interesting that when we feel a desire to be better versions of ourselves, our initial reaction is to change something about us on the outside?

We want to be “healthy” so we pour our focus into eating better and ramping up our exercise. And that’s great!

…but you’re missing such a massive part of the puzzle.

Think of it like this: if you step on a tack and you immediately feel pain in your foot, you wouldn’t just take some medicine for the pain and leave the tack in, right? You’d want to get to the source/root of your pain (the tack) and remove it so that you can be pain-free all of the time.

The problem: many of us are walking around with tacks in our feet and just doing whatever we need to do to numb the pain. We live in a culture that is designed to quickly distract. Any sort of discomfort we feel is swiftly remedied by a pill, a substance or maybe even an app. But we can only live this way for so long.

Have you stopped to ask yourself what THE SOURCE of your discomfort is? Isn’t it time to remove the tack?

I know this can be overwhelming. But you don’t have to do this alone anymore.


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TRANSFORM // 1:1 Coaching

As humans, we are all on our own unique life path, but somewhere along the way, we got it in our minds that we have to do it all on our own.

Many of us as women take this notion a step further and believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness... but I believe it’s a sign of power: power in investing in yourself, power in personal development, power in expecting more out of the person you were yesterday, power in choosing you... Step into your power with Transform, a 90-day private coaching program. 

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“One of the most meaningful ways to connect with those around us is by first understanding the sanctity of the connection we have to ourselves.”

We live in a culture designed to distract and that is dominated by stress, anxiety, fear and fatigue.

Mindfully Being is centered around meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing. It’s a safe and sacred space designed to support you in exploring what lies beneath your stress and anxiety while finding solace in bringing your attention to the present moment.

It’s about giving you the tools and the insight to tap into your highest power and reconnecting you to your truest self.

It’s about facing and immersing yourself in the here and now where you’ll find rest, release and restoration.

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The Conscious Connection


Outside of our connection to ourselves, the most powerful experiences that we can have in our lives is through our connections to others.

The Conscious Connection is centered around high vibe experiences where people can connect with each other on a deeper level outside of a “normal” social environment and in a totally unexpected way.

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Are you looking to...

  1. Explore what it means to be the creator of your life?

  2. Wake up every morning with meaning, purpose and intention?

  3. Find what it means to be you again?

  4. Reset your body, mind and soul?

  5. Expand your spiritual connection and learn how to find deeper states of peace and wellbeing?

  6. Receive guidance on how to integrate the personal development work you’ve already done in your life?

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Are your days fulfilled or just...full? Places to go, people to see, meetings to attend, schedules to manage. Where do you fit into all of that?

Not you as “mom” or you as “wife” or you as “executive” this or “manager” of that.

I’m talking about the you underneath the titles you identify with. The woman you see in the mirror when you get dressed for the day. The woman who looks back at you after you wash your make up off at night. I’m here to connect you to her again.

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