Your health is just as much about your mind as it is your body, if not more. You can eat the kale, drink the water, take the supplements, do the yoga…but if you’re not dealing with the shit going on in your head and in your heart, you’re never going to be “healthy.”

I’ve been where you are in this very moment.

Plain and simple, I wanted to be happy. But I was overweight, underwhelmed by my career path and overwhelmed by all the diet trends on the market. I struggled with my relationship with food, cried on my bathroom floor over the number on the scale and compared myself to every other girl on the planet. I was the queen of yo-yo diets / restrictive eating / binge eating and wearing #allblackeverything to hide my figure. I drank the meal replacement shakes, went on WeightWatchers, did the overexercising / under-eating thing as well as the over-eating / under-exercising thing.

I was tired; so, so tired. I was doing everything that the world around me was telling me to do in order to be happy but I still felt really lost, confused and alone. It didn’t make sense: I had a decent job, a wonderful family, great friends and was in an incredible relationship but I still only felt “kind of happy” most days. I searched all around me for that missing piece:

If I’m a size 0 again, then I’ll be happy.

If I’m finally rewarded at work with a big promotion, then I’ll be happy.

If I can just lose the last 10 pounds, then I know I’ll be happy.

When I can look in the mirror and not find anything about myself that I hate, I know I’ll be happy.

Look, I’m just going to be honest with you because I feel like you and I have that vibe going with each other: losing the last 15 pounds, reaching a certain goal weight or dress size, landing the promotion that you’ve killed yourself for isn’t going to give you lasting happiness. Temporary high? Yup, but you’ll still be disappointed. In fact, once you do meet those “goals”, I can pretty much promise you that you’ll still be feeling like something’s missing, because it is: your relationship with you.

When we search outside of ourselves or depend on others for our happiness, we feel lost, disconnected, separated from those around us and fear runs our lives. To cope, we turn to food, to alcohol and to the approval of others to validate our feelings and to fill a void.

But what if I told you that you have everything that you need inside of you to be joyful, satisfied and living a meaningful life right here, right now?

Guess what: you do. It’s been there all along and you’re here to bring it back.

If you are someone who is ready to dig deep, do the work and invest in the best version of yourself down to your core, girl high five — let’s DO this! I am here to help you find yourself again, find the happiness you’ve been looking for and walk alongside you as you step into the person you are meant to be.✨