• Deep Dive Session. Interested in meeting with a health coach but don't need the accountability or support of a personalized program? A one-time deep dive session is perfect for you! This 90 minute strategy session is designed for you to ask all of your health-related questions, receive on-the-spot advice and walk away with practical tips to address the areas in your life you're looking to change today.

- OR  -

  • Six sessions of 1:1 in-person private coaching every other week. Lifestyle changes don't happen overnight! 1:1 coaching offers a safe space to explore and uncover the layers behind health and lifestyle changes. We will meet for one hour every other week for six sessions. Working over the course of 90 days allows you time to develop, understand and implement long-lasting changes to your lifestyle.

  • Customized program. Humans are not one and the same, so why do we depend on a one size fits all approach to our health? I'll work with you to create a three month plan that addresses your unique needs and goals as it relates to your health and lifestyle.

  • Detailed session recaps. After every session, you’ll receive a detailed recap of everything that we talked about including clearly defined next steps / goals to work on in between sessions, recipes, handouts and any other additional resources (books, podcasts, videos, etc.) that we discuss during our time together.

  • Accountability and support, as needed. 24/7 email and text support throughout our program together.

  • My Wellthy Life guide book, including my top 10 favorite simple plant-based recipes + the tools that I use every day to bring richness and joy into my own life experience (my morning  and routines, meditation exercises, mindful movement of my body, etc).



  1. Think of me as your personal trainer for your health and wellness. I am here to hold you accountable to your goals and support you along your unique path. I’m also here to hold a safe space for you to discover, process and work through the stages of making long-term lifestyle changes. This isn’t a quick fix; this is real, meaningful work designed to set you up for lasting success!

    After our work together, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of who you are as a person and your individualized health and wellness needs that come with living as the person you want to be.

  2. Have a deeper knowing of what it means for YOU to be healthy. Humans are not one and the same, so it’s pointless trying to fit your particular goals into a cookie cutter diet trend. If you’ve tried a certain diet and “failed”, know that it’s not your fault! “Diets” are made for the masses and my 1:1 coaching is designed for one person: you. Through understanding your food and lifestyle choices, we’ll uncover what it’s like to listen to your body for what it wants and needs in order to be the healthiest version of you.

  3. Show up for yourself. The beauty of private coaching is that my time and focus is 100% on you. I’m here to keep you accountable, on track and maybe even give you a little tough love along the way. It’s my job to provide you with the tools, resources and support to help you to show up for yourself and achieve the goals you’ve set out to achieve. I am here to support you but I cannot make change happen for you...that’s up to you! 

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This is for you if...

  1. You’re ready to feel energized, happy, confident and healthy in your own skin. You want to make the commitment to and invest in becoming the best version of you.

  2. You’re tired of trying to figure out what it means to be “healthy” and want to cut through all of the health and fitness noise on the market today.

  3. You know that it’s time to hop off the dieting bandwagon, heal your relationship with your body / food and live your life with ease and joy.

  4. You’re excited to learn about and understand how to make your lifestyle work for you.

  5. You’re ready to step into your power of living in a way that’s authentic and meaningful to you.  

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