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  • Three Month Curated Program. This 90 day program will guide you on your unique journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It was designed from a place of love, intention and a genuine understanding of and respect for the exact moment that you’re in right now. It’s inception came from a time in my own journey when I wished something like this had existed…and I’m truly honored to offer it to you today.

    • Month One: You Are Here.

      • We’ll get crystal clear on why you’re here. We’ll discuss what led you to this point where you feel change is necessary, the areas in your life that you feel are blocked or out of alignment for you and why you feel that it’s important for you to create this change in your life here and now.

      • Areas of focus for Month One:

        • Why Are You Here? Setting Meaningful Intentions.

        • Who Do You Think You Are? Uncovering Your Limiting Beliefs / Stories.

        • Facing the Fears: Why Change is So Hard.

        • Rewriting Your Story.

    • Month Two: Awaken.

      • Once we pull away the masks, the beliefs, the ways in which you identify with the world externally, we’ll move into understanding who you are at your core. We’ll work together to awaken the parts of you that make you feel whole, complete and most like you.

      • Areas of focus for month two:

        • Eradicating the Excuses: Letting Go of Your Own Bullshit

        • Introduction to Meditation: Tuning Out the Outside World and Turning Inward.

        • Let It Go: Stress Management / Mindfulness Techniques.

        • Get The Hell Out of Your Own Way.

    • Month Three: Becoming.

      • In our final month of working together, you’ll take all that you learned about yourself from months one and two and start applying it to life in the “real world” with my support every step of the way.

      • Areas of focus for month three:

        • Boundary Setting: Know it’s Okay to Say No.

        • Speak Up: Being Unapologetic in Expressing Yourself.

        • The New You.

  • Six sessions of 1:1 virtual private coaching every other week. You’re the kind of woman who supports everyone else in her life…but who’s supporting you?

    1:1 coaching offers a safe space along with my undivided support and attention to help you explore and uncover the layers behind rediscovering you. We will meet every other week for six sessions. Working over the course of 90 days allows you time to develop, understand and implement long-lasting changes to your lifestyle.

    • Choose from two options:

      • 60 Minute Sessions + Guided Meditations. In addition to our session together, you’ll also receive a custom guided 10 minute meditation to deepen your work. The meditations are completely unique to you and pertain to your session that you can download / keep forever.

        - OR -

      • 60 Minute Session of just coaching: Not into meditation? No problem. We’ll keep the session focused on the work at-hand in our time together.

  • Accountability and support, as needed. Weekly email check-in’s every Monday morning to get your week started right.

  • Special welcome gift that will raise your vibration and elevate your life!



  1. Hit the ground running with deep, meaningful work. I am here to help you dig deep and put in the work to become the best version of you. I’m not here to waste your time. I don’t beat around the bush or dance around uncomfortable topics. I’m here to ask you the tough questions that make you think and get to the root of the unhappiness in your life. You can expect me to hold you accountable to the actions you want to take and help guide you along your unique path.

    I’m here as your mentor. The journey of personal development isn’t easy…but it’s worth it. My number one priority is to always make you feel safe and supported to uncover, process and work through the layers of self-discovery. This isn’t a quick fix; this is real, meaningful work designed to set you up for lasting success!

    After our work together, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of who you are as a person and the standards by which you want to live a meaningful, fulfilled life.

  2. Have a deeper knowing of what it means for YOU to be healthy. If you’re looking for meal plans, Pinterest-worthy recipes and someone to tell you what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I am not your girl. As someone who used to use food to cope with unresolved emotional distress in her life, I can tell you first hand that simply mastering your meal prep game isn’t going to get you to the root of whatever void you’re trying to fill.

    Why? You can have the cleanest diet in the world but if you’re not dealing with what’s going on “beneath your plate” you’re never going to feel “healthy.”

    If you are, however, willing and ready to take a deeper look into how and why you’re using food, alcohol, etc. in your life to avoid stress, cope with anxiety, suppress guilt and numb your emotions, I am your girl and we can absolutely explore all of that as a team.

  3. Show up for yourself. The beauty of private coaching is that my time and focus is 100% on you. I’m here to keep you accountable, on track and give you a little tough love along the way. It’s my job to provide you with the tools and resources for you to show up for yourself and achieve the goals you’ve set out to achieve. I am here to support you but I cannot make change happen for you...that’s up to you! 

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This is for you if...

  1. You feel like you’ve lost yourself while trying to take care of everyone else around you. You’re ready to find what it means to be you again.

  2. You feel stuck and like you need an overall reset for your body, mind and soul.

  3. You have a desire to expand your spiritual connection and learn how to find deeper states of peace and wellbeing.

  4. You’ve read the self-improvement books, listened to the podcasts, watched the videos but haven’t really integrated any of it yet. You’re looking for guidance on how to put everything you’ve learned into action.

  5. You’re ready to make the financial and emotional investment in taking care of you.  

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