It’s time for you to stop having “some good days.”

It's time to let go of the excuses that you don’t have enough time, enough money or that your schedule just “doesn’t allow for you to focus on yourself".”

It’s time for your happiness to no longer be dictated by your relationship to food or alcohol.

It’s time for you to start stepping into the woman you know you’re supposed to be.

It’s time to stop waiting for “tomorrow.”


Designed for women who are looking for a transformative experience in their lives, The Wellthy Woman Club is a six month program where we will dig deep into rediscovering you. It’s time for you to stop settling for being “mostly happy.”


During our six months together, we will focus on transforming your health and wellness goals through:

  • Mindset shifts exercises to help you overcome past stories about you, your body and your life.

  • Meditation and mindfulness practices to allow you be present in all areas of your life.

  • Nourishing plant-based recipes to help your body heal and thrive.

  • Self-care practices that encourage you to focus on yourself and reestablish your relationship with you.  

Here's a glimpse into our time together:

  • Free initial consultation. These 30 minutes are all about you. We'll go through your initial health and wellness goals and answer any questions you might have about working together.

  • 12 50-minute personal coaching sessions. We'll meet every other week (via Skype or FaceTime) to tackle your goals in a manageable, sustainable way. We'll also work to demolish any obstacles that may have prevented you from reaching your health goals previously while working to shift your mindset toward this new way of living.

  • Detailed session recaps. After each session, I'll send you a detailed recap of what was discussed to help you stay focused and motivated toward your goals and track your progress along the way.

  • Accountability and support, as needed. You're not in this alone! During our time together, you'll have unlimited access to phone, email and text support.

  • Bonus goodies: Weekly meditations, journal prompts and mindset motivation delivered to your inbox every Monday morning to get your week started right!

You know where and how you want to change - I am here to give you the tools and support that you need to reach your goals while empowering you to become your best self and live your richest life possible.