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We can instantly connect to others all over the world (thank you, Internet!) and yet at the same time, things like depression, loneliness and feelings of disconnection or isolation from those around us not only exist simultaneously but are at an all-time high.

It’s easy to fall into a perception of being more connected if you’re constantly scrolling or immersing yourself in your favorite social platform but that begs the question: when you turn off your phone and/or computer, what are you left with?

My personal mission in every area of my work is to always help others feel seen, valued, appreciated and loved for who they are and not who they feel like they “have” to be for the sake of others.

I’m here to change the way we interact and relate to each other.


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brand partnerships


As a former public relations professional, I know firsthand how important it is for your brand’s message to be shared in the right way to reach the right people. I love working with like-minded companies to spread awareness around really great brands sharing / doing really great things!

Areas of alignment include:

  • Meditation / Mindfulness / Mindful Living

  • Vegan / Plant-Based Food + Lifestyle

  • Natural / Non-Toxic Beauty, Skincare, Household

  • Conscientious / Conscious Living

  • Holistic Health + Wellness

  • Spirituality, Energy Healing, etc.

My goals for organic and paid social sharing alike are always rooted in authenticity, transparency, positivity and meaningful impact.

If you’re a brand with shared values and interests, I’d love to hear from you!

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community collaboration

I see you, mover and shaker.

I see you doing your thing, sharing your light and creating that massive impact in the world. And I'd love to support you! I’ve always been the kind of girl who believed in community over competition and if you’re the same way, I’d love to find a way to work together.

Areas of alignment include:

  • Guest blogging on your website

  • Being a guest on your podcast

  • Speaking / sitting on a panel at your event

  • Co-hosting an event together

  • Collaborating on social media (Instagram Lives, YouTube videos, etc).

  • Facilitating meditation / breath work at your retreat


Creating Conscious Connection is so important to me...

…and here’s why it should be important to you, too:

Authentic human interaction is rare today.

We can barely be bothered to look up from our phones to make eye contact with the barista fulfilling our coffee order or the person sitting across the table from us while sharing a meal.

It’s no wonder that we feel more depressed and lonely than ever before.


We're longing for belonging.


One of our most basic needs in life is to know that we are part of a tribe or community and that we feel accepted by our community.

When you put your phone on airplane mode or shut down your computer for the day, what fills the silence around you?

We are in this life together! And while we live out many “roles” throughout our lifetime, we all ultimately share the same wants and needs:to be loved and accepted for who we are at our core. Greater connection to those around us leads to more meaningful relationships, more productivity during shared time together, and stronger roots of trust and value.


It's time to wake up.

So many people sludge through life unhappy, unfulfilled and in a trance of a mediocre routine. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to start living your life with intention and purpose.

Can’t you feel how precious this life experience is?

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