"MB is an amazing listener. She is present and has a way of communicating her opinion in a direct way without discounting their perspective. She’s not afraid to counter, or push a little further, or give her perspective and thought, even if it counters what someone else says. MB has warmth, a genuine feeling of love surrounds her and she radiate so high. When I'm around her, I immediately feel more peace and love. She makes people feel comfortable and safe, without judgement; I would go to her with anything. MB isn’t afraid to be polarizing. Talking about taboo subjects and putting out HER message. Knowing not everyone will agree, but she does it anyway. She genuinely cares about people and it shows in how she speaks and acts. Lastly, she’s smart and very self-aware. She leads from intuition and don't just follow the crowd.”

— Amanda

Mary Beth Mannino