Mug / Selenite + Palo Santo Bundle

Mug / Selenite + Palo Santo Bundle

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Raise your vibration!

Pair your favorite mug with the power combination of selenite and palo santo.

SELENITE: Also known as “liquid light”, Selenite is one of the only self-cleansing crystals. It eliminates negative energy both from yourself as well as other crystals in your collection while also removing energy blocks.


  • To clear your energy at the end of your day: starting from your head and working your way down your body, trace the outline of your body with your selenite wand. This clears your energetic field and removes any negative energy that may be “stuck” to you.”

  • For better sleep: place your selenite wand underneath your pillow or mattress for a restful night’s sleep. Selenite will pull away any negativity and help you sleep more soundly.

  • To charge other crystals: Selenite can be used to charge your crystals. What does that mean? As you work with your crystals, they take on the energy that you use them for. Placing them over selenite allows them to be cleansed and recharged.

PALO SANTO: Known as “holy wood”, the smoke of Palo Santo when it is burned is said to have healing powers. With it’s sweet and intoxicating aroma, you’ll find your spirit uplifted, you yourself in a relaxed state and cleansed of negative energy. As you burn this beautiful wood, let it bring in creativity and love into your life.

TO USE: Light your Palo Santo stick at either end. Let the stick catch fire, allowing it to burn for 15-20 seconds. With a fire-safe dish underneath the stick to catch any ashes that fall, gently blow the flame out. To bless yourself and the space that you’re in (my favorite way to use Palo Santo), simply allow the smoke of the wood to fill the room (be sure to open your windows once you’re done to let the smoke out!). Once you’re finished, put the Palo Santo in a fire-safe dish, allowing the glow at the end of the stick to eventually die out on its own.

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