“What will everyone think of me…


…when I tell them I don’t drink?”

Throughout my own health and wellness journey, I always knew that alcohol never served me…and yet, for some reason, I didn’t consciously associate giving up booze with “being healthy.” Or maybe I wouldn’t let myself associate the two out of fear of judgement from others, or worse, myself. But eating more fresh fruits and veggies, reducing the consumption of processed foods, drinking more water, getting plenty of sleep, working out…those are the socially acceptable things to do to be “healthy.” They’re the “normal” things, the “safe” things, the things that we all nod our heads in unison on as what we should all be doing to live a healthy life. But giving up alcohol?

Are you okay?

Did something happen?

Are you pregnant?

Hell yeah, I am okay. I’m more than okay. In fact, I’m really freaking great. Why? Because I decided. I decided that I’m important to myself. I decided that I was done living my life for others or being / doing / acting in ways that I didn’t like but that made me “fit in.” I decided that my opinion was the most important one for me to listen to. I decided that I wanted to wake up every day feeling as amazing as I possibly could from the choices that I made the day before. I decided that for me to feel and be my best self, alcohol was not going to help me there.

I didn’t have a “rock bottom” or an embarrassing incident in public that made me swear off alcohol forever. But what I did have: a fear of being judged; low self-esteem; a belief in the false promises that alcohol would make me relax / make me cool / make me feel accepted. I had Saturdays and Sundays that were wasted from hangovers. I had mornings of disappointment over things I had said or done the night before after a couple glasses of wine. I had darkness cloud my mind as alcohol-induced anxiety consumed my thoughts. I had enough.

I wanted more for myself. I wanted to stop living a life that I felt that I needed to “escape” from with a drink or two. As one of role models Gabby Bernstein said, “When you’re sober, you choose your consciousness. This is the only consciousness I choose. I’m not trying to be out of myself — I’m choosing to be more in myself. Choosing to live in this consciousness has created a beautiful life that has given me a greater sense of awareness of the truth of who I am, and a greater sense of authenticity.”

If you know that alcohol is no longer serving you, I want to know how proud I am of you for recognizing and acknowledging this first incredible step. If you’re ready to begin removing alcohol from your life, I’d love for you to join the sober sisterhood as a fellow Kombucha Queen. It takes 21 days to create a habit, so I have a 28 day program to help you live beyond the buzz and into your beautiful life more fully:

Here's a glimpse into our time together:

  • Free initial consultation. We’ll hop on the phone for 30 minutes to talk about where you’re at right now, what led you to this point and what goals you’d like to work on regarding your relationship with alcohol.

  • 4 50-minute personal coaching sessions. We'll meet every week (via Skype or FaceTime) for four weeks to work through the process of removing alcohol from your life. We’ll chat through how to navigate social situations where alcohol is involved and work to uncover underlying issues that may come up with this transformation.

  • Detailed session recaps. After each session, I'll send you a detailed recap of what was discussed to help you stay focused and motivated toward your goals and track your progress along the way.

  • Accountability and support, as needed. You're not in this alone! Throughout our program, you'll have unlimited access to phone, email and text support.

  • BONUS: Access to my favorite resources (books, meditations, podcasts, videos) that have helped me through my own transition into a sober lifestyle.