Hi! I'm Mary Beth, but please call me MB!

I am a plant-based certified holistic health coach and I live in Metro-Detroit with my husband and our corgi, Cooper. 🙂I’m a really big fan of my family + friends, fruits and veggies (except mushrooms…no thanks!), yoga, #TacoTuesday, my morning cup of tea, being physically active (I ran my first half-marathon in October 2017!), meditation, being out in nature, rainy day naps, green smoothies, salty foods, creative writing and sharing my energy with people to create more happiness in the world.


the 'looks good on paper' stuff about me...

  • I have a BA degree in Communication Studies from Albion College

  • I have a MA degree in Public Relations from Michigan State University (Go Green!).

  • Throughout my corporate career, I’ve landed opportunties in fashion PR firms, digital marketing agencies, boutique public relation firms and I even worked at a major social networking platform. So cool.

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working in the United Kingdom, East Lansing, MI, Ann Arbor, MI, Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI and my career has taken me to beautiful places like New York City, Los Angeles, Napa Valley, Houston and Sun Valley, to name a few. On paper, it’s pretty safe to say that I’ve had an amazing career so far.

But that path wasn't for me.

the "what i really want you to know" stuff about me...

Buckle up, friends - this is a lot to read, but I feel really called to share my entire story with you, so here we go:

Back in college (you know, those pivotal four years where you’re supposed to decide what you’re going to do with the rest of your life), I was lost. While a lot of my friends seemed to be choosing their life’s direction with ease, I was overwhelmed. My parents were both successful dentists, so I had a fleeting thought freshman year that I was destined to carry on their legacy (obviously!)…but my hatred of math and science quickly snapped me back to reality (sorry, Mom and Dad). Somewhere during sophomore year between learning about supply and demand in economics and identifying the goldenrod species in the Nature Center during biology, I found the field of communications. While Communications Studies soon became my major and I genuinely loved what I was learning, I still wasn’t sure what my “dream job” was going to be. Upon graduating college, I continued down the communications path into graduate school, finished my program and figured that I would just find my dream job down the line…I mean, that’s how that works, right?

As my career kicked off, I couldn’t shake this nagging feeling that I needed something more. I knew deep down that I wanted to be on a path where I could help people in a meaningful way, but I felt disconnected from the industry that I was in. “This is normal. Everyone feels like this when they’re first starting out,” I kept telling myself. But it wasn’t normal and soon, I began to feel trapped in my career. The feeling of being trapped led to feelings of guilt for hating the career path that I was on and before I knew it, I was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

The solution? Find a magically happy job in this career path that I hate (totally logical, I know). What other choice did I have? PR / communications was what I had just gone to school for, this is the path that I’ve chosen for myself, I’m in this until I retire….OMG retirement is SO far away. The only way I was going to make it out alive was to find a happy job (in a career path I couldn’t stand).


I’m sure you can imagine how well that went.


Not long into my quest for a super happy job in a career path that I hated, I became depressed. Like, really depressed. And the more depressed I became, the less I took care of myself. The less I took care of myself, I started to use food to cope and the more weight I started to gain. The more weight I started to gain, the more depressed I became, the more depressed I became, the more weight I gained and pretty soon...



Not only was I in a job that I hated, but suddenly I was in a body that I hated.

I didn’t know it then, but this was the beginning of my bout with binge eating disorder.

This went on for a few years, the whole weight gain / depression / weight gain / depression / weight gain / depression…and then one morning, I woke up.

Yes, like physically woke up…but I also think of this particular morning as a spiritual awakening / divine intervention (if you’re into that kind of thing). I woke up that morning and just knew that something had to change because what was going on in my life at that time was not “me.”

This career path that I was on, that I felt so guilty for hating *simply* because I had gone to school for it, was not me.

This body that I was in, that I didn’t even recognize when I looked in the mirror, was not me.

This depression that I was in was not me.


Now, instead of running to my computer and searching for another magically happy job in a career path that I hated, I began the change with myself.


I took a very challenging but honest look at my lifestyle and began incorporating a clean, whole foods plant-based way of eating into my life. During this time, I also began to untangle the web of my binge eating disorder and gained a better understanding of my triggers, when / why / how I was binging, etc.

I found a workout routine that worked for me and made me feel good and not like something that I had to do but something that I wanted to do.

I reestablished my connection to my yoga and meditation practice which brought me peace, clarity and self-reflection, all of which helped me realize that I had to go through what I went through to be where I am today.


Walking through my own health and wellness transformation brought me to my dream job in a career path that I love: health coaching. In the summer of 2017, I parted ways with the corporate world, enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and received my certification to become a holistic health coach in July 2018….and I just have to tell you: I could not be happier doing the work that I’m doing.