Here I am, with my hand over my chest, slowly feeling each deep breath I take. I have been using a guided meditation from MB and it is truly helping me be present and just focus on my breathing!

This exercise is such an amazing stress reliever, as it allows my mind and body to relax and just be!

As a momma who has a million things to do along with running my side hustle…this exercise has been a game changer for me! Just 15-20 minutes a day, this exercise reminds me to be mindful and fully embrace the moment.

We are living in a chaotic world and constantly being distracted by so many different things. I realized meditation is something I need NOW, more than ever before, to allow me to de-stress and calm my mind.

Thank you so much to MB…if you are looking for some guidance with your meditation, she is aaahhh-mazing!”

— Michelle Reynolds / @chelsbewell

Mary Beth Mannino