"If I had to describe the experience of my custom guided meditation from MB, it would be calming, uplifting and so spot on.

MB knew exactly what to say / what I needed to hear and I walked away from the experience knowing that all I had to do was be me.

I definitely teared up during it and had a smile on my face when I was done. It was just what I needed to hear!

If you're thinking of getting one, you need to! It's so much better than a generic meditation that you can get.

The personalized approach makes such a difference. I look forward to meditating with this every day.

Thank you so much! You have an amazing gift! Keep sharing it with the world."

— Bethany / @bethany_swanquist

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Mary Beth Mannino

"I decided to purchase a custom guided meditation after meeting MB at an event. Her calm soft voice spoken to my soul.

The biggest takeaway I received from my guided meditation each time that I listen to it is that I can become anything I want in life. I don’t have to wait for a Monday - I can start any day.

If you're deciding on whether or not to order a custom meditation, just do it! No app or YouTube video compares to this personal connection.”

— Lauren

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Mary Beth Mannino

"MB put together the most beautiful customized mediation for me to add to my Mindset toolbox!

Incorporating this meditation has become one of my favorite parts of the day and I could not recommend it enough if you are looking to reduce stress, find peace and stillness, and live more aligned!

I've never felt more supported in a mediation practice and knowing this was made just for me gives me a new appreciation for my self-care practice.

Thank you so much, MB!"

— Nicole Albany / @itsjustaguideline

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Mary Beth Mannino

"My custom guided meditation from MB was AMAZING. Seriously, it was incredible.

The first time I did my meditation, I was outside with the sun shining on me because MB told me that if I feel more connected outside, to spend more time outside.

I felt so clear, so centered and aligned. I have never felt that "light" in my entire life.

I just released any and all expectations like MB told me to and enjoyed the 12 minutes. It was magical.

If you are thinking of purchasing a custom meditation, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Seriously, why would you not invest into your health, happiness, wellbeing and future self? Click purchase and get ready for your life to change."

— Jenn Kennedy / @JennKennedyNutrition

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Mary Beth Mannino

“I had the privilege of hosting MB at a recent event I had for my nurses over Nurses Week. It was a workout with a kombucha happy hour and MB led us in a guided meditation after the barre class.

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with MB and her skill and presence in leading us.

Many of the nurses were tearful and commenting afterwards how much it had touched them. MB made everyone feel comfortable in the space and at ease with meditation even though some of the women had never meditated before.

This was such a beautiful edition to our event and I cannot thank MB enough for sharing her expertise with us.

Even as someone who meditates regularly it touched me to my core. Cannot wait to collaborate again!”

— Cat Golden, Nine Lives Health and Mind / @NineLivesHealth

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Mary Beth Mannino

“MB’s custom meditation came to me at the most aligned time. It was gifted to me from a soul sister and it’s one of the most precious gifts I’ve gotten.

I could feel MB’s love and intention being sent to me through my headphones. She was able to channel the exact words and messaging that my heart deeply needed to hear.

I listened to my meditation before bed and it guided me into a deep healing space. I woke up the next morning feeling clear and more connected to my purpose and mission than ever before.

I know this is a soul gift that is only going to keep giving and giving!”

— Holly MiHelic, She Glows Wellness / @HollyMiHelic

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Mary Beth Mannino

“I ordered a custom meditation from MB and have never been more pleased.

The meditation gives me the tools to relax after work and to continue my mindset work that I’m always trying to improve upon.

Literally the first time I listened to the meditation I teared up. Somehow it had hit my heart at the exact spot I needed it to. There was a line in the meditation that went: ‘When we act in fear, we always fall short.’

Like whoa. Tears.

The breathing technique MB gave to me has been really helpful too. Just ordered another meditation for the mornings, to really get the day started.

Thank you so much for this. I’m so incredibly happy with the meditation.”

— Jennie J.

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Mary Beth Mannino

“Thank you, MB, for creating such a beautiful meditation for my cluttered mind.

After listening to you say my name and knowing that your words are for me, I wrote out three pages of notes on a topic that I've been stuck on for weeks.

The care and preciseness of what I needed to hear were beyond what I had imagined.

I will continue to use your words daily to show up as the co-creator of my life and let my thoughts and feelings flow instead of fighting them.

You have a gift!”

— Lori Massicot / @LoriMassicot To50&Beyond

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Mary Beth Mannino

MB brings a light and positivity into the room the second she enters it, and that same encouraging and safe presence is beautifully knit into her work with meditation guidance.

She recently hosted a Kombucha Happiness Hour at my women’s fitness studio that left us all feeling inspired and uplifted.

Her material and exercises were clearly lovingly prepared and well thought out, and the comfort that she brought to the meditation (as it was new to some participants!) and encouragement that she maintained through the following exercise were fantastic.

I highly recommend MB as a knowledgable professional and caring coach.”

— Lindsay Irrer / Co-Owner of @Barrecode_MetD

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Mary Beth Mannino

“I cannot speak highly enough about the custom guided meditation MB created for me. She is intentional in her word choice, and spoke words and affirmations I needed to hear.

I appreciate that she tailors the meditation to your experience, amount of time desired and what you would like to get out of the experience.

Her message touched me deeply and I was in tears the first time I listened to my guided meditation.

MB is responsive, professional and makes me feel valued. She takes the time to respond to all of my messages and is a constant source of light and encouragement in my life. It is a pleasure knowing and working with MB, and I would encourage anyone seeking alignment and wholeness to reach out to her.

You’re amazing, MB! I truly cannot thank you enough!”

— Reilly M. / @Nurse_Reilly

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Mary Beth Mannino

“Hey MB! I. Love. This.!!!!

It is JUST what I need, seriously. Thank you for listening to what I needed in this custom meditation and turning it into something I look forward to and benefit from.

I’ve done it twice since you sending it to me and CANNOT WAIT to start my day with it tomorrow.

You found your calling, lady. And I am so happy for you.”

— Casey D. / @CE_Dillard

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Mary Beth Mannino

“Meditation has always been something tricky for me as a very active, go-getter type of woman! I desired a more empowering and motivating meditation that one that was zen and relaxing.

When I requested my custom guided meditation from MB, I asked for something I could listen to in the morning that would be inspiring and get my head in the right space to start my day!

MB created the most perfect confidence-boosting, positive meditation that I have been listening to daily!

She truly created a meditation that was unique and tailored to my preferences.

Thank you, MB!”

— Sarah Ordo / @24Luxe_Sarah

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Mary Beth Mannino

Here I am, with my hand over my chest, slowly feeling each deep breath I take. I have been using a guided meditation from MB and it is truly helping me be present and just focus on my breathing!

This exercise is such an amazing stress reliever, as it allows my mind and body to relax and just be!

As a momma who has a million things to do along with running my side hustle…this exercise has been a game changer for me! Just 15-20 minutes a day, this exercise reminds me to be mindful and fully embrace the moment.

We are living in a chaotic world and constantly being distracted by so many different things. I realized meditation is something I need NOW, more than ever before, to allow me to de-stress and calm my mind.

Thank you so much to MB…if you are looking for some guidance with your meditation, she is aaahhh-mazing!”

— Michelle Reynolds / @chelsbewell

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Mary Beth Mannino