I'm MB: A Certified Holistic Health Coach who believes in the power of a plant-based lifestyle, #TacoTuesdays and that your richest life begins with you. I live in a suburb of Detroit with my husband and our crazy corgi, Cooper!

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What is a "wellthy life"?

A"wellthy" life is a life full of richness. It's a life that you're in love with, obsessed with, can't believe it's yours. It's a life that you live on your terms where you feel your very best and you call the shots for how you want things to go.

I believe in feeding and nourishing our minds / bodies / souls as one by way of vibrant living foods, physical activity and connecting to a spiritual practice - whatever that looks like to you.

I believe in waking up each day with excitement, gratitude and love.

I believe in deep conversations and even deeper relationships.

I believe in the power of being vulnerable and sharing our hearts and experiences with each other.

I believe in fostering, growing and helping you discover the relationship that you have with yourself through self-care, mindfulness techniques, living with purpose and intention and realizing the pivotal role you play in your own life experience.

I believe that you have the power to live the fullest, richest life possible every single day and it all starts with you.


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