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What’s Your Weekend Intention?

#TGIF and happy weekend, friends! I feel like the weekend goes one of two ways for people: either it’s your time to slow down for a couple of days and sleep in, go to brunch, go out to dinner or it’s the busiest two days of your week juggling schedules, getting kids to their various activities, eating on the go, living in your car.

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Today, I was selfish.

Today, I was selfish:

I spent over two hours on my mat instead of writing some very long overdue blog posts. As a basket of clean laundry waited to be folded, I sat outside on my patio and watched my dog happily run around in the sunshine. I left my phone buried at the bottom of my purse for the majority of the day, which meant that I didn’t respond to people as quickly as I normally do. I walked away from the dirty dishes piled up in the sink as I got on my mat for the third time and flowed with some wonderful humans for a good cause. And guess what: I loved every second of today. I was exactly where I needed to be at every single moment and my heart and body could not be more grateful.

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Wellness Wednesday: “You Time”

Hello from Southern Florida! ☀

It's been a minute since I've blogged, but I'm on vacation and have been doing my best to disconnect as much as I can while I'm here with my family.

However, I wanted to post quickly on here to encourage you to find time for yourself today. Whether it's five minutes of sitting in distraction-free silence or an hour sweating it out in your favorite workout class; carve out time in your day that's just for you.

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First Week of 2018: Goals Check In

Happy Monday, friends!

Can you believe we’re already through the first week of the new year?! With the first seven days behind us, this is a great opportunity to check in on your goals for 2018.

How are they going? Is there anything you’ve needed to change or adjust? Maybe you’ve fallen off track a bit? If so, that’s okay! It’s never too late to jump back in. Take a moment to revisit what you initially wrote down. Are your goals actionable? Are you able to answer the “why” behind each goal? It’s one thing for us to say “I want to lose weight” or “I want to eat better” but if we don’t have the “why” behind our goals, there’s a pretty good chance we won’t find success in them.

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Happy New Year! Sharing 8 of my 2018 Goals

Happy New Year, friends!

I can't believe 2017 is over! So much has happened this last year that has changed my life for the better: I celebrated my first year of marriage to my human, my love, my doggy daddy; I lost my cushy corporate job and found the courage to pursue a path in health and wellness that I know deep down in my bones I'm meant to do; I ran my first half-marathon (foot injury and all);  I enrolled at IIN to embark on my path of becoming a health coach; I started this blog; my husband and I got our dog, Cooper. While 2017 has been incredible for me personally, I absolutely love the New Year. I love the buzzing energy of ambition, optimism and focus. I love the clean slate, the fresh start, the opportunity to begin again. I love that people are working toward bettering themselves and taking an interest in improving their health, happiness and well-being. All of that is exactly why I decided to get into health and wellness coaching --  wanting to help people live their best lives...and I know that making uncomfortable changes to the familiarity of our everyday lives can be intimidating, daunting, overwhelming and scary.

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