Quick and Easy Breakfast: Papaya Boats

Happy Weekend, friends!

Who says you can’t have a beautiful tropical breakfast in Michigan?! Little papaya boats going on over here this AM. 😊

  • Papaya is rich in fiber, vitamin c and antioxidants. I topped my papaya with...

  • Mango // Boosts immunity, reduces inflammation, helps the health of our skin.

  • Passion Fruit // Boosts immunity, helps with digestion, improves circulation. (PS: has anyone else had passion fruit before?! This was my first time and I LOVED it!)

  • Chia Seeds // Helps digestion, improves brain function, supports blood sugar regulation + weight loss, increases energy)

  • Hemp Seeds (improves cholesterol, improves brain health, helps with digestion + weight loss). So simple, easy and filling!

Papaya boats are so easy to make:

  • A papaya is ripe and ready to eat when the skin turns from a bright green to yellow.

  • Cut the papaya in half length-wise and scoop out the seeds. A ripe papaya should scoop out really easily.

  • Fill the inside of the fruit with whatever you'd like! Another great option here is to add yogurt to the inside...yum!

  • Grab a spoon and dig in!

I hope you have a beautiful weekend and that you give papaya a try soon!

BodyMary Beth Mannino