MBG Meditation Challenge: Day Two

Day two: meditation must-haves + a three minute meditation.

Today, Light walked us through a few of his favorite things he likes to have on-hand when meditating:

  • A Digital Clock

    • While meditating, it's very easy for our minds to want to focus on the various thoughts passing through but to also wonder how much time has passed since we started meditating. Rather than guessing or trying to ignore the thought, Light suggested either using a digital clock or getting an app on your phone with a digital clock as your display that makes it really easy to take a quick peek at the time and then sink back in to your meditation. If you're using your phone, don't forget to set it to airplane mode so that you're not easily distracted by notifications that may come through!


  • A Wrap or Blanket

    • The idea here is to be as comfortable as you possibly can during your meditation, which will help your mind settle by not being distracted by the temperature.


  • Glass of Water

    • It is so important to stay hydrated throughout the day, which includes the time of day you're spending meditating. Again, the idea here is to keep the body as comfortable as possible so that we're not a distraction to ourselves...sensing a pattern here, yet? ;) Be careful not to drink too much water beforehand...having to physically get up to go to the bathroom during your meditation defeats the purpose of spending time meditating!

Today's actual meditation practice was three minutes long and just as it  was yesterday, the goal was to sit comfortably and observe any thoughts that passed through without judgement or expectation. See where your three minutes today takes you. :)

Body, Mind, SoulMary Beth Mannino