MBG Meditation Challenge: Day Thirteen

Is this progress? How do I know?

"The way that we gauge success in meditation is not the same that we engage progress. The basic difference is that success is based on what happens inside of the meditation and progress is based on what happens outside of the meditation. In other words, you're going to look at your life to see how well the meditation is going. Some of the known benefits of meditation include: getting better sleep, feeling less stressed, having more clarity, having more energy and being more adaptable."

Your body is a magical and beautiful thing. One of the things that we hear time and again at IIN is that your body knows itself better than anyone else ever could and given half the chance, your body will heal itself, by itself. The exact same notion is true within meditation: meditation does not have "magical powers", but rather meditation helps to wake up the body's intelligence which already knows how to help you achieve things like better sleep and so much more.

While our lives will definitely be brighter when we experience the many benefits of meditation, not-so-wonderful things will still happen in our lives, regardless of our dedicated meditation practice. We'll still get stuck in traffic jams, we'll still encounter people who don't like us for things that are beyond what we can control, our hot water furnace will die without warning and leave us with cold water and an unexpected expense...but what meditation does do in these situations is helps us be adaptable how we react to these situations now that we meditate vs. how we would react without meditation in our lives. Being adaptable to change is one of the major signifier of progress in meditation.

Having been on this challenge for almost two weeks now, I have noticed that I'm sleeping a lot better, I have a lot more energy throughout my day and I find myself being really present in the situations that I'm in. I'm on my phone less because I have found that having conversations with those around me is so much more intellectually stimulating and rewarding than going down the rabbit hole of in my Instagram feed.  I just feel a greater sense of peace and calmness overall and I love that feeling!

How has meditation changed your everyday life?


Body, Mind, SoulMary Beth Mannino