MBG Meditation Challenge: Day Seven

Wanna mantra? Don't ya wanna?

Mantra (noun): "Mind vehicle." A transportation device that will transport your mind away from the busy surface level of consciousness.

Today is all about mantras for day seven of our meditation challenge, and Light instructed us to close our eyes and come up with a word that feels soothing to us.  Mine: "I'm here." The goal behind today's session during the meditation practice was to replace noticing our breathing with noticing our mantra. "I'm here" is a mantra that keeps me grounded, focused and present. Just because we're meditating with a mantra doesn't mean that we should expect anything different or more profound to happen during our practice or that thoughts won't come and go.

What I loved about today's 5 minute meditation is that we have two anchoring tools that can be used interchangeably during our practice.  Noticing the breathing and / or noticing my mantra has placed me in such a calm and peaceful state that my meditation sessions seem to be flying by.

What would you choose for your mantra?

Body, Mind, SoulMary Beth Mannino