MBG Meditation Challenge: Day Fourteen

We're just getting started.

Last day of the challenge and I can't believe it's over! So now that the challenge is coming to an end, how do we keep our practice going?

A few things to keep in mind as you embark on your own meditation journey:

  • "No two meditations will be the same."

    • There may be some days where you experience a very deep session and others you'll notice that your mind may be a little busier.


  • "The less you expect in a meditation, the better your experience will be."


  • "Meditate every day, twice a day."

    • Obviously not every day is the same and sometimes having a session in the morning and a session in the evening isn't feasible. While it's easy to beat ourselves up over having to miss a session, don't - just strive to do better the next day. As you continue to develop your meditation practice, meditation will become in the same category as all of the other activities that you look forward to doing.


  • "Schedule your sessions."

    • Try to schedule your meditations around the same time every day. Doing so will help your body to start prepping for meditation on it's own every day around those same times. Also, if you're meditating consistently, you'll be more likely to make other lifestyle decisions that support your meditation practice and enhance other areas of your life that also contribute to your overall well-being (regular exercise, a healthy diet, surrounding yourself with good-for-you people, etc).

I absolutely loved this challenge and I hope my sharing this challenge has inspired you to begin a meditation practice of your own!

Body, Mind, SoulMary Beth Mannino