MBG Meditation Challenge: Day Eleven

Stress, stress, baby...

"Meditation has the ability to release stress in the form of memory, emotions, sensations or feelings. This means that in the meditation, you may feel as though you are re-experiencing past trauma, which is why it's very important to treat all of the thoughts, sensations and feelings in an indifferent manner; 'I don't know and I don't care.'"

Stress release during meditation is a lot like releasing a kidney stone (ouch) - when the body releases stress (which has accumulated over time) and begins releasing it (much like that of a kidney stone in a human being), we may notice it through our mind, thoughts or sensations during our meditation. As such, our attitudes should be the same as someone passing a kidney stone: "Although I'd rather not be having this experience because it doesn't feel particularly good, I know that it's something that's leaving me and it's better out than it is inside."

Don't be surprised if you discover that some of your meditation sessions have "themes" to them - one session could be filled with very stressful thoughts or emotions while another could have very positive and happy thoughts and ideas. The happy session is not better than the negative session or vice versa because both are working together to help you reach your maximum potential.

During our nine minute session today, I found small thoughts of self-doubt and insecurities start to seep into my mind but what I love about this challenge is that I was able to quickly notice them and then notice my breathing. I recognized and acknowledged those thoughts, but did not let them overrule my session. I'll be interested in seeing if they come back up during my second session later this afternoon.

How do you deal with anxiety or stress in your meditation practice?


Body, Mind, SoulMary Beth Mannino