MBG Meditation Challenge: Day Eight

We're tackling intentions on day eight of our meditation challenge.

"An intention is a thought, an aim, a vision or a plan for a certain activity or person, or, a new direction in life. People have been setting intentions for as long as they've been meditating - intentions and meditation go hand-in-hand."

Light Watkins

While it's tempting to set an intention for our meditation experience ("I want to meditate on a solution to this problem I'm having"), it's best to reserve our intentions until after the meditation finishes so that we can use our "freshly meditated mind" and relaxed body to capture higher-quality intentions. Once our meditation is over and with eyes still closed, an intention along these lines could be stated: "Today I'm going to do the most that I can do with what I have available to me." Think of your intention as a declaration to where you want to be.

Added bonus: throw in visualization. Visualize yourself in your intention and in your desired outcome of your intention. Our minds are so powerful and it's incredibly beneficial for us to take time out of our day to visualize where we want to be in our lives, which increases the chances of that outcome actually occurring. Stay away from focusing on how and when this outcome will happen as that is out of your control - just set your intention and let it do it's thing.

I just completed our meditation for today and setting my intention at the end of my practice felt like my intention was super-charged. I was reflecting on it with a clear mind and I could easily visualize my intention and felt a sense of peace when I envisioned how I would feel once my intention was met.

What intentions do you have set for yourself or your life?


Body, Mind, SoulMary Beth Mannino