Leftovers Remix: Mediterranean Quesadillas

I’m a big fan of leftovers and I especially love when I’m feeling creative enough to make leftovers from one meal into something totally different for another.

Every so often, my husband and I like to go to Park Grill, a mediterranean restaurant near our house. While they have a variety of veggie-friendly options, I usually always gravitate toward their vegetarian plate: cabbage salad, grape leaves, hummus, eggplant spread, tabbouli, red beets, pickles and pita (also comes with spinach and cheese pie, but I substitute that out for more of one of the others items like beets...I l-o-v-e beets). After grabbing take out from there late last week, I had leftover beets, hummus, tabbouli and eggplant spread and was feeling particularly lazy when making lunch yesterday. On top of my laziness, I was fighting an awful head cold and wanted something that was going to be fast and easy to make...cue: Mediterranean Quesadillas.

I took two frozen Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain tortillas that I defrosted and once they were warm, I sprayed a frying pan with a little bit of olive oil and and placed one of the tortillas in the pan. On top of the tortilla went my eggplant spread (a little less than 1/4 cup worth) and red beets. I sliced my red beets (had about 1.5 small beets) pretty thin and arranged them over the eggplant spread. On top of the slices, I sprinkled the tabbouli and placed half of a roasted red pepper on top of that. These peppers from Costco are my absolute favorite - they are so good:On top of my pepper was a little soy cheese. I spread the last of my hummus on the remaining tortilla and placed that on the very top. From there, I covered the pan to let the steam help warm everything up and melt the "cheese" a bit. After about four minutes, I flipped the quesadilla and let it cook for another 3-4 minutes.

Once it was done, the “cheese” was gooey, the tortillas had a nice crisp to them and the rest of the ingredients were warm. I quartered the quesadilla and ate one half for lunch and the other half for dinner! So easy, so flavorful and I love that I didn’t have to spend any money on not one, but two meals!

Do you have any favorite leftover remixes? If so, please share in the comments! :)


BodyMary Beth Mannino