First Week of 2018: Goals Check In

Happy Monday, friends!

Can you believe we’re already through the first week of the new year?! With the first seven days behind us, this is a great opportunity to check in on your goals for 2018.

How are they going? Is there anything you’ve needed to change or adjust? Maybe you’ve fallen off track a bit? If so, that’s okay! It’s never too late to jump back in. Take a moment to revisit what you initially wrote down. Are your goals actionable? Are you able to answer the “why” behind each goal? It’s one thing for us to say “I want to lose weight” or “I want to eat better” but if we don’t have the “why” behind our goals, there’s a pretty good chance we won’t find success in them.

How about something like: “I want to lose weight so that I feel more confident in my favorite outfit” or “I want to eat better to help lower my blood pressure or cholesterol.” Having the “why” makes our goals personalized to us and gives us the motivation to keep pushing toward accomplishing them!


Body, MindMary Beth Mannino