What’s Your Weekend Intention?

#TGIF and happy weekend, friends! I feel like the weekend goes one of two ways for people: either it’s your time to slow down for a couple of days and sleep in, go to brunch, go out to dinner or it’s the busiest two days of your week juggling schedules, getting kids to their various activities, eating on the go, living in your car.

Whichever side you’re on, what’s an intention you can set for your weekend? If your weekends are slow and sweet, can you look ahead to the month of May and tackle some to-do list items in advance while you have time now? If your Saturday and Sunday are go, go, go, can you make it a point to remain present in each situation instead of thinking three steps ahead to what’s coming up next?

What’s your intention for the weekend? Leave a comment below!

MindMary Beth Mannino