Wellness Wednesday: “You Time”

Hello from Southern Florida! ☀

It's been a minute since I've blogged, but I'm on vacation and have been doing my best to disconnect as much as I can while I'm here with my family.

However, I wanted to post quickly on here to encourage you to find time for yourself today. Whether it's five minutes of sitting in distraction-free silence or an hour sweating it out in your favorite workout class; carve out time in your day that's just for you.

This is something that I prioritize with each of my clients because I truly believe in the impact of checking in with ourselves and reconnecting to stay centered.

This morning, my family and I went for a walk along the beach that quickly turned into a family run as rain set in! 😂 Once we got back, I grabbed a warm cup of tea, plopped myself onto our balcony and watched the waves roll in from the heavy winds. It was exciting and peaceful all at the same time and gave me the opportunity to recenter myself.

How do you like to make time for yourself?

Mind, SoulMary Beth Mannino