Hello! 👋🏻

I’m MB: a 5’ tall Italian girl who lives in a suburb of Metro Detroit with my husband and our crazy corgi, Cooper! I live a plant-based lifestyle, love yoga, my morning cup of tea, adhere to the energetic powers of the universe and if I had it my way, tacos would be their own food group.

Growing up, I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I, well, grew up. I always had an interest in connecting with people on a soul level, “but like, what does that even mean?”, my 15 year old self asked. Good question. Freshman year of college, I thought it meant taking over the ol’ family dentistry business one day…until I realized that organic chemistry and I don’t mix (…pun intended…she’s got jokes). I eventually found communications and then public relations and graduated from my M.A. program at Michigan State University ready to start “connecting with people” through corporate marketing and advertising gigs while blissfully ignoring this nagging feeling that there was a piece to my life’s puzzle that was missing.

I began to establish myself in my career and quickly realized something early on that I consider to be fairly significant: I hated what I was doing. Like, ha-ted what I was doing. “Well, shit”, I thought to myself. “You just went to school for six years (and it wasn’t even dental school — sorry mom and dad) and you’re already burnt out in your first job? LOL, you’re not even into it yet! You’re in this thing until you retire, gf.” I know math and science aren’t my thing but holy crap, retirement was like…really far away.

As many of us do in unhappy situations that we feel are out of our control, I turned to food and alcohol to cope. I gave up on caring about myself and instead lived for the temporary high of attempting to fill a void with excess amounts of food or fading into the buzz from a glass of wine. Pretty soon, not only was I in a job that I hated, I eventually gained ~25 pounds and found myself in a body that I hated. Wait, is this it? This is how my life and career are going to be? The whole depression + binge eating / drinking + weight gain thing went on for a few years…until one morning I woke up.

Yes, like physically woke up, but I think of this morning as a spiritual awakening, if you’re into that kind of thing.

This overwhelming feeling of love and guidance came over me and I knew that I was going to step into something more but in order for me to get there, my current reality had to change. Instead of looking for a new job or altering some other external circumstance, I turned inward. I leaned into what was really going on behind my binge eating / drinking and worked through those issues head-on. I unrolled my yoga mat again and reestablished a physical activity routine that made me happy to break a sweat. I reconnected to my spiritual practice and my life shifted dramatically. Suddenly, it was clear: I am meant to help women have the same “a-ha!” moments in their own lives. And so I am. I parted ways with the corporate world, became a certified holistic health coach and created That Wellthy Life because I know first-hand that all that you want and need to live your richest life resides in you and you alone.

It’s time for you to stop settling for being “mostly happy.” It’s time for you to stop having “some good days.” It's time to let go of the excuses that you don’t have enough time, enough money or that your schedule just “doesn’t allow for you to focus on yourself".” It’s time for your happiness to no longer be dictated by your relationship to food or alcohol. It’s time for you to start stepping into the woman you know you’re supposed to be.