"MB's coaching style is very warm and sincere.

From the very first session, it is all about getting to know the person you are.

Session by session, MB coaches you in a way that suits you best. Overall, her coaching style is all about being supportive, open and honest. At all times.

The most significant change I noticed from working with MB was the confidence she instilled in me to trust myself.

Instead of asking everyone around me what I should do in my life out of fear or self-doubt, I now feel the confidence and certainty that I can make my own decisions and that my own decisions and choice are enough.

And not only are my decisions enough, they are exactly right for ME, which, in the end is all that matters. :) "

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Mary Beth Mannino

“Before coming into the program, I had plans for myself but no realistic goals or the belief in myself to make them happen. I found MB at a point where I truly felt lost and wanted more. I met her at an event that was held at my job. I didn't realize she was a Holistic Wellness Coach.

But what I did know was that she was so warm and welcoming. I found her on Instagram and saw she had a website. I had no idea this woman I just met had gone through so many of the same struggles I did. She was truly living the life I wanted. A life that was authentically her own.

I was browsing her website and saw her 90 day program. I was scared, but I applied. I knew that if I didn't apply I would go on with my life wishing I did. At the start of the program I really didn't know what to expect. I felt overwhelmed about what we would have to unfold and nervous about if I could do it.

I am now starting a masters program in a career I am very passionate about. I have been second guessing myself about this for 2 years. But, with the help of MB I am started my program this Fall 2019! I am now self-aware of my emotional eating and continue to look forward in my food journey and not dwell on the past.

I have the strength and courage in myself to change my food habits and I have already made lots of progress. One of the biggest changes that I made is that I express my feelings and know that It takes me time to understand them and I am able to take that time to feel what I need to feel. It makes a huge difference in my life to do that. Also, I now know the huge benefit of meditation.

MB, I can't thank you enough for all you've taught me and supported me through. The biggest gift you gave me was the realization that I am capable of everything that I want and that I am deserving of the authentic fulfilled life I've always dreamed of.”

— Ida S.

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Mary Beth Mannino

"Coming into my program with MB, I was nervous, scared and excited.

And if you're thinking of joining her 1:1 coaching, I want you to know that you can be scared and fearful of the program with MB because it is scary at first...it's scary to be vulnerable!

You gain so much more than what you might think you could experience with MB.

If you are afraid of being vulnerable, I can say with 100% honesty MB knows what she is doing and each session truly shapes you and becomes the thing you look forward to every 2 weeks.

can have fear but don't let it hold you back. I promise you, you will grow in ways you would have never imagined.

MB is there with you every step of the way for the program. MB will not give up on you and don't give up on yourself.


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Mary Beth Mannino

"I made the decision to enroll in MB's 1:1 coaching program because I felt like I wasn't living the way I knew in my heart I wanted to live.

MB created a beautiful safe space for me to open up and share my life with her. She always made sure I was comfortable and when I felt vulnerable and uncomfortable she made me realize that those moments are important and to embrace them.

Those moments were tough and without MB I would not have been able to realize the true significance in those moments.

My initial goals of starting my career, understanding my emotional eating, focusing on myself and my needs became my reality because of MB and her program."

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Mary Beth Mannino

“MB is the most open and welcoming person I have ever met.

She comes to you with no judgement. She can sense what you are feeling just by hearing you and is able to break down your walls in a beautiful, calming way.

MB's very being is pure and true. She lives authentically and it is evident in the way she works with you and carries herself.”

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Mary Beth Mannino